Principles of environmental science


Environmental science:- 

It is this study of the interaction between physical chemical and biological component of the earth natural environment.This component include energy agriculture and water resources environmental study deals with every effect the organism.

Principles of environmental science :-

  1. Nature Knows best.
  2. All forms of life are important
  3. Everything is connected to everything else
  4. Everything changes
  5. Everything must go somewhere
  6. Our is a finite Earth
  7. Nature is beautiful


This principle is most basic because human have to understand nature and have Follow the rules about the natural process that needs serious attention is nutrition cycling.

For example:- 

Burning of firm wastage instead of allowing them to decompose Naturally disturbed the cycle in burning most of the organic compound are lost. So people must not go to the natural process which can affect the environment. Human dependency only for nature if we are destroyed natural products so it is a difficult to survive the future generation that’s why we can aware and protect the environment.

All forms of life are important :- 

All forms of life are important because each organism play a fundamental role in nature for example our food chain. Rat killed cat and cat killed by dog and dog killed by tiger and tiger . Each speeches occupy a unique ability in the ecosystem and the removal of one spaces can have a significant impact on the entire ecosystem all life form share at least one essential purpose so this is more important than another key purpose for life reproduction. 

Everything is connected to everything else :- 

The first law of ecology say that everything is connected to everything else it reflects the existence of the elaborate network of interconnection in the ecosphere among different living organism and between population pages and individual organism as their Physio chemical surrounding. 

Everything changes:- 

The environment is constantly changing organism also developed through time however our current Technology affected these natural changes which causes a problem events .

Everything must go somewhere:- 

The second law of ecology say that everything must to somewhere it mean applied to Ecology the law emphasize that nature there is no such thing as wished in every natural system what is excreted by one organism as waste is taken by another as food.

In nature there is no final waste matter and energy are present and the waste produce in one ecological process is recycled in another.

Our is a finite Earth:- 

Everything that we need is provided by nature in abundance food water energy
mineral and air however some resources depend upon now a day or extracted excessively

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