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Introduction: - In this blog we have studied the gaseous state.This topic is very important for your future classes i.e - Bsc,Msc and Btech.So these notes first part your class - 11.These notes is based upon Ncert Examination,CBSE,HPBOSE and other state boards.Any other notes download search in google and youtube- aniketncert.

 Topic  Provide In These Notes 
  1. Postulates of kinetic molecular theory of gases.
  2. Derivation of kinetic gas equation.
  3. Gas Laws- Boyles,charge & gaylussac law.
  4. Derive gas law from kinetic molecular theory of gases
  5. Numerical related to gas law 
  6. Ideal and real gas with derivation
  7. Relation between pressure & kinetic energy of gases.
  8. Interperetation of temperature.
  9. Derivation of maxwell distribution of velocity.
  10. Maxwell Boltzmann distribution law.
  11. Question about iit,jee and neet exams.
  12. Average and most probable speed.
  13. Derivation of average speed from maxwell distribution of velocity equation.
  14. Root mean square velocity.
  15. Collison and its diameter.
  16. Collison number and frequency.
  17. Derivation of collison theory.
  18. Mean free path and its numericals.
  19. Viscosity of gases
  20. Surface tension and its derivation
  21. Vanderwaals forces and its significance.
     Total page for these notes is 100

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