Rotational Spectroscopy

When the wave particle jump from lower rotational energy level to higher rotational energy level so it can absorb energy and it can be unstable at higher energy level so it come back its ground state (i.e emission spectra).One rotational energy level to second rotation energy level  which transition is required- Microwave Spectroscopy Region.

Condition of roational active molecule:- 

1- Molecules can always in gaseous state because in case of solid and liquid state  the molecules are very close to each other,so inter attraction force are maximum it mean molecule are easily bind thats result rotation can not be possible,incase gases state the molecule are not close to each other it mean rotation is possible.

2- Molecules must have a permanent dipole moment.Dipole moment can occur when there is seperation of charge and it measure the polarity of the molecule.Moment of inertia depend upon the dipole moment.

Q1- Can C02 molecule show a rotational spectrum ?

Answer:- No CO2 molecule can not show the rotational spectrum because it have linear structure it mean the value of (u = 0 )

Due to the rotation it can create moment of inertia in a molecule because moment of inertia depend upon the dipole moment.

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